What is NewTribeEarth?

We are a group of individuals dedicated to spreading awareness of the need for a revoution in consciousness and connection with all life on Earth. By the sharing of information, we hope to educate our fellow humans and inspire them to WAKE UP and face the dire realities of our situation, while also providing sustainable solutions to the problems we face. The crises of politics, war, environmental collapse, corporate control, food safety, and poverty can only be overcome when we recognize the interdependency of all life on Earth, change our own lives, educate ourselves and replace our failing systems with new sustainable systems. We believe that this includes replacing the monetary system-based economy with a new resource based economy.

There are groups all over the world made up of people who have had this awakening and are in their own ways as well changing their world and inspiring us to do the same. This is our goal.

    We intend to approach this from a number of angles:

NewTribeEARTH will be online sharing information about the global crisis as well solutions, and also networking with those eager to know more and get involved.

NewTribeEARTH Agricultural Project will be involved in promoting sustainable organic community farming and homesteading as an alternative to the disaster that is commercial agribusiness. This will begin with our own homestead/farm from where we will through the means of online video and workshops/classes inform and inspire others to connect with the Earth and grow your own pesticide-free nourishment!


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